Lifestyle Fat Loss, Training, and Nutrition Coach

I've Helped over 1,100 People Transform Their Bodies and Lifestyles with Carb Backloading and Tempo Training and I Want to Help You Win as Well. 

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What's In MDB Coaching?

  • Get down to 10-15% Bodyfat Easily

  • Get More Time Back For Your Family and Biz

  • Gain Massive Energy

  • Spend Less Time & Money on Food

  • Easily Sustain Your Results Year Round

  • Make It Fun...It's just freaking fitness.

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One on One Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
Monthly Fitness and Nutrition Mastermind

What Skills Will You Learn?

  • Get down to 10-15% Bodyfat Easily

  • Get More Time Back in Your Life

  • Gain Massive Energy

  • Spend Less Time & Money on Food

  • Sustain Your Results Year Round

  • Make It Fun...It's just freaking fitness.

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Obviously when you work with me you're going to lose fat. The program works.

BUT. Many people don't realize that was never the real goal. 

  • The goal is to build this into a sustainable lifestyle. 

  • To make training and nutrition FUN

  • To be the leader in your family, business & community.

  • To be the reason someone else gets pushes themselves to get healthy. 

  • To have unlimited energy for the MOST  IMPORTANT things in life.

Those are the real wins. The before & after's below? That's just an external validation of the internal work.

10 Reasons You Need This Coaching


  • You Won't Ever Go to the Gym Without a Plan
  • Carb Backloading is the Most Sustainable Strategy for Nutrition
  • Easily Maintain Fat Loss All Year
  • Improve Your Energy for Family and Business
  • Never Again Get Lost in Nutrition Dogma
  • Stop Wasting Time in Your Workouts
  • Never Track Your Calories Again
  • The Best ROI Morning Routine
  • Accountability for the Goals You Set
  • A Positive Community To Help You When Times Get Harder
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"The Million Dollar Body Program certainly works for me! In 12 weeks on the plan I lost 12lbs and 6 inches on my waist!" - Leah Bowers


Lifestyle Fat Loss, Training, and Nutrition Coaching

  • I Help You Get Leaner, Live Longer, and Be Legendary.
  • Taking People to 10-15% Bodyfat Easily
  • Making Lifestyle Changes Easy to Sustain
  • I have Systems You Need to be Successful in Fitness
  • Create Incredible Energy on Demand
  • Learn How to Work With Your Body Instead of Against It
  • Be The Hero Your Family Needs
  • Wake Up Every Day with Focus While Seeing Daily Fat Loss
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