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The Million Dollar Body Method

By Fitness Coach & Best Selling Author Nate Palmer

The Training and Nutrition Program for Superhuman Focus and Rapid Fat Loss
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The Million Dollar Body Method

Presented By Fitness Coach & Best Selling Author Nate Palmer

The Comprehensive Course For High Achievers That Will Teach You Everything You Need To Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

If You're an Entrepreneur, You Need a Diet That Does More Than Keep You Lean...

Here's What I Know About You:

  • You're busy with work, and playing taxi to your kids
  • You will skip the gym if it means getting a new client
  • You're more sedentary than ever before
  • You don't sleep enough
  • You deal with high stress levels from life & business

Here's What You Need:

  • A Minimalist Approach to Nutrition 

  • Meals that Create Focus and Energy instead of Lethargy

  • Simple Strategies for Improving the Sleep You Get

  • A Training Program that Fits your Schedule. In & Out with a Shower in Under an Hour


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  • The Exact Method to Drop to 10-15% Body Fat
  • The Meal Plan to Develop Unlimited Physical Energy and Mental 
  • The Exercises to Reveal Lean, Toned Muscle
  • How to Easily Master Your Nutrition for Life.
  • The Strategy that Teaches Your Body to Burn Fat for Fuel - WITHOUT KETO
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Why your results don't matter.  Unless...


95% of people who diet will either fail, or gain all their weight back. Why is that?

It’s because for too long, people have adopted a “diet” mentality that involves them restricting themselves for weeks or months at a time until they burn out and regress, thinking that they’d rather rather have a belly than never eat carbs again….until summer comes back around and we repeat the process.


And again…


But losing weight is easy! All you’d have to do is eat tofu and broccoli while running 5 miles every day!

But who wants to (or has the ability to) restrict themselves forever?!

It’s more important to find a framework for eating that can give you the energy you need for the boardroom in the morning and the bedroom at night while helping you drop that dangerous belly fat around your midsection.

But unless you can turn your “diet” into a lifestyle, you’ll be stuck in the yo-yo mentality where you never look and feel the way you truly want.

You see, the magic comes when you get your Million Dollar Body

  • Visible and toned muscles

  • Defined abs

  • Muscular arms and shoulders

  • Mentally sharp all-day

  • More effective at work, with your family, and everything in between


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Why So Few People Get These Type of Results

If we’re being honest, very few people are able to maintain a physique that they love all year round. Even less are able to do it while still eating foods they love and not going hungry all the time.

For years, this type of physical condition and lifestyle was reserved for elite athletes, gym addicts, and people with time to work out 4 or more hours per day

You must achieve a few things to get these results:

  • You must get between 10-15% body fat. Most people cutting carbs and calories will never be able to pull off this condition, especially not year-round.

  • You must develop lean muscle in the right areas to accentuate your physique, not just be a smaller version of your former self

You must build a nutrition framework that does more than keep you lean. It must also keep your focus high during the day, improve your sleep at night, and work WITH your body instead of against it... like most diets.




When most people go on a diet, best case scenario, they lose muscle mass and feel like a smaller version of their former selves. 

And while most of us want weight loss results, we don’t want to be "skinny fat". 

On the other hand, when people start using a nutrition framework guaranteed to create more energy and focus, body fat seems to get stripped off at a ridiculous rate.

This is what I have mastered.

In 2018 I started working with a few entrepreneurs who wanted results but had NO TIME, were working 12+ hours per day, and still wanted to be able to eat dinner with their families or clients that weren’t broccoli and dry chicken breast.

So we built out a nutrition program based on PERFORMANCE for those of us building businesses and crushing it at work.

Thus, The Glycogen Priming Method was born.

It’s a 3 phase system for getting into the best shape of your life AND MAINTAINING YOUR RESULTS forever. 

It combines the best elements of all my programs from over the past 11 years.

The goal is simple: Strip off fat at the perfect rate to allow for massive amounts of focus, and an effortlessly lean physique.


Dropped to His Lowest Weight in 20 Years! 
“So all the pants and shorts in my closet are 38 waist. Last summer I was squeezing myself into them. I recently bought some 36 jeans and shorts, and they still need some belt tightening. Just for sh*ts and giggles I picked up a pair of $7.00, size 34 waist jean shorts on the Walmart clearance rack last week. (They are f-ing awful looking). Snug in the seat and in the thighs, but the waist was comfortable. Thirty-freaking-four man! Never thought I'd be able to do that again!"

Down 25 lbs Since Starting Hill Sprints!

“Weighed myself today. 25 lbs lighter since the first time we did hill sprints. Went from 280 to 255 in a little over a month!”


More Energy Than in Years! 

"Nate Palmer, your 'Million Dollar Mean Plan & Body' Program isn't a magic pill...but it's the next best thing!!!! Eat this meal plan...lose weight! I can follow that!
Brother I haven't had this much energy in YEARS and I feel great! So pumped to have an online fitness guru and author in my corner helping me out!!!!”

Lost 7 lbs with Just a Small Tweak

“I joined the group and tried the sugar detox...and I lost 7 pounds in February!  I've got a much better grip on sugar overall. I'm sleeping better, I'm making healthier food choices, and exercise is so much easier because my body isn't so achy.

Fitness is Yeah, I said it.

I feel proud of myself. I've stopped yo-yoing (particularly my damn mood) and I'm just getting more done, y'all. Thanks Nate! A+++”


Want To Find Out If The MDB Program Will Work For You?

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The First Month We Start by Building Your Framework 

This Phase is completely spelled out so that it's EASY to follow. The goal is to eat and train with complete minimalism while we dial in your physique. 
You'll also be learning a foundational approach to nutrition that will decrease bloating, shred belly fat, and help you feel harder and tighter all around (once we add a few key nutritional strategies to the mix)
The goal is to strip off at least 2% body fat and increase your strength in key muscle groups.


The Second Month is for Building More Muscle Tone
and Adding Your Favorite Foods.

 During Month Two we introduce a new style of workouts called "Density Training". The goal is to be able to do MORE work in LESS time than the previous week, which will give us an ideal muscular physique.

 We are also going to be adding in your favorite foods while still dropping fat. How can you feel amazing, stay lean, but eat tacos,  pasta, dessert, and everything else you enjoy?
That's the question - Month 2 is the answer.  


The Third Phase is For Getting Leaner and
Building Muscle in the Right Areas

 About 80% of clients are seeing such great progress on the scale and in the mirror that they opt to stick around for the maintenance phase as we gradually increase the difficulty of the workouts in order to see progress in lean muscle tone and strength gains while staying as cut as you want to be.

Obviously, some transformations take longer than 8 weeks, but after spending time learning the foundations, you can achieve more in the next few months than you have in the previous YEARS. All without marathon workouts or lengthy meal prep
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Frequently Asked Questions

Nate Palmer is a NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. He is also a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach. Nate is the bestselling author of The Million Dollar Body Method: The Entrepreneurs Diet for Superhuman Focus and Rapid Fat Loss as well as Passport Fitness: The No-nonsense Guide to Staying in Shape no Matter What City You Wake Up In.

Nate is also the creator and founder of Bod in a Box – the HIIT Home Gym.

He specializes in working with entrepreneurs and business owners to create energy, focus, and a lean, healthy body – that shows up for your work, family, and focus time.

The Million Dollar Body Method is the result of working with so many business owners and high performers that told me they want a performance-based diet - for their work, that would allow them to work harder, stay lean, all without having to miss dinner or pack Tupperware to restaurants. 

What we originally created was just supped to help with energy, but what we quickly realized is that people were losing more weight than they had ever before - and keeping it off permanently.



If you're not completely satisfied with the Million Dollar Body Method within 30 days of your purchase, get your money back!